Hatchbox filament is very easy to print and the layers come out smooth. It is a well trusted affordable filament. Hatchbox continues to have a labelling issue where several shades will all be called green or blue sometimes with no clarification. Be careful when buying Hatchbox for this reason. Hatchbox comes on a plastic roll in 1KG sizes.

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  1. I’ve used Hatchbox for most of my projects and while I agree that it does print very well at a great price I have found that each spool I have had has been terribly wound. Snagging is huge issue for me with this stuff and I even find that the filament will sometimes overlap on itself causing me to have to cut a portion of it off. For this reason I have moved on to Matter Hackers to see if that’s any better and I hope to never have to return to Hatchbox and it’s snagging filament.

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