3D Solutech natural clear PLA has a clean look however that can change drastically depending on how you print with it. I have some prints that a translucent white, some that are yellowish (0.3mm height), and some that appear clear. There is a layer height tower in the images below to test transparency. The tower is comprised of 3 panels from left to right, 5 lines thick, 1 line thick, and 3 lines thick. The tower is also divided into layer heights from bottom to top the layer heights are 0.10mm, 0.15mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm. You can see a single line with a thick layer is the most transparent.

3D Solutech is a quality made in USA filament. They have a wide selection and are budget friendly. 3D Solutech is a great source for transparent, silk (called Ultra), and normal filaments. I only had one bad roll and  they replaced it very quickly without hesitation. A bad roll can happen to anyone. 3D Solutech is sold in 1KG sizes on plastic spools. They also include stickers with their rolls.



Recommended Print Settings


  • Hot End - 210 Celsius
  • Bed - 60 Celsius


  • Print Speed - 50mm/s
  • First Layer Speed - 30mm/s
  • Perimeter Speed - 30mm/s
  • Infill Speed - 60mm/s
  • Cooling Fan Speed - 100%


  • Perimeters - 2 or 0.8mm - 1mm
  • Top and Bottom Layers - 4 to 5 or 1mm
  • Infill - 15%


  • Distance - 0.8mm*
  • Speed - 35mm*
  • Z-Lift - 0.6mm


  • Bridge Flow - 85%
  • Bridge Speed - 30mm/s
  • Bridge Cooling - 100%


  • Bed Adhesion - Glue Stick
  • Nozzle Type - Brass (Standard)
  • Enclosure - None
* Values will differ for printers with Bowden extruders
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