Translucent Grey is a dark grey smokey color. All of Push Plastic translucents seem a bit shinier than their regular PLA. This filament looks a little like a dark silver.

Push Plastic has a very well rounded selection of colors which is great news if you are looking for one stop shopping.  Push Plastic PLA is usually sold in 1KG rolls on a plastic spool but they also have larger weights available up to 25kg! In full disclosure I was sent 200g samples of the PLA. The good thing about the large samples is I will be able to add pictures of bigger prints later . The 200g samples are very easy to tangle, I recommend printing the spool holder or buy a full 1kg spool.

Push Plastic PLA

Recommended Print Settings


  • Hot End - 210 Celsius
  • Bed - 60 Celsius


  • Print Speed - 50mm/s
  • First Layer Speed - 30mm/s
  • Perimeter Speed - 30mm/s
  • Infill Speed - 60mm/s
  • Cooling Fan Speed - 100%


  • Perimeters - 2 or 0.8mm - 1mm
  • Top and Bottom Layers - 4 to 5 or 1mm
  • Infill - 15%


  • Distance - 0.8mm*
  • Speed - 35mm*
  • Z-Lift - 0.6mm


  • Bridge Flow - 85%
  • Bridge Speed - 30mm/s
  • Bridge Cooling - 100%


  • Bed Adhesion - Glue Stick
  • Nozzle Type - Brass (Standard)
  • Enclosure - None
* Values will differ for printers with Bowden extruders
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