Push Plastic Purple is one of the best purple colors I have found yet. Its a great balance of red and blue which speaks of royalty, luxury and power. The next time you need to print something regal, this is the color for you!

Push Plastic has a very well rounded selection of colors which is great news if you are looking for one stop shopping.  Push Plastic PLA is usually sold in 1KG rolls on a plastic spool but they also have larger weights available up to 25kg! In full disclosure I was sent 200g samples of the PLA. The good thing about the large samples is I will be able to add pictures of bigger prints later . The 200g samples are very easy to tangle, I recommend printing the spool holder or buy a full 1kg spool.

Push Plastic PLA

Recommended Print Settings


  • Hot End - 210 Celsius
  • Bed - 60 Celsius


  • Print Speed - 50mm/s
  • First Layer Speed - 30mm/s
  • Perimeter Speed - 30mm/s
  • Infill Speed - 60mm/s
  • Cooling Fan Speed - 100%


  • Perimeters - 2 or 0.8mm - 1mm
  • Top and Bottom Layers - 4 to 5 or 1mm
  • Infill - 15%


  • Distance - 0.8mm*
  • Speed - 35mm*
  • Z-Lift - 0.6mm


  • Bridge Flow - 85%
  • Bridge Speed - 30mm/s
  • Bridge Cooling - 100%


  • Bed Adhesion - Glue Stick
  • Nozzle Type - Brass (Standard)
  • Enclosure - None
* Values will differ for printers with Bowden extruders
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