Paramount Transparent PLA is clearer than other PLA filaments I have tried. As you can see in the layer test this filament is translucent from 0.15mm+ with single perimeter walls and even semi-translucent from 0.25mm+ with three perimeter walls.

There is a layer height tower in the images below to test transparency. The tower is comprised of 3 panels from left to right, 5 lines thick, 1 line thick, and 3 lines thick. The tower is also divided into layer heights from bottom to top the layer heights are 0.10mm, 0.15mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm. You can see a single line with a thick layer is the most transparent.

Paramount 3D has one of the widest ranges of colors available. This made in the USA filament prints well and is the go-to filament for unique color choice. Paramount uses some of the coolest names for its filaments. Paramount also includes the Pantone codes with each filament. Paramount 3D is usually sold in 1KG rolls on a plastic spool.

Recommended Print Settings


  • Hot End - 210 Celsius
  • Bed - 60 Celsius


  • Print Speed - 50mm/s
  • First Layer Speed - 30mm/s
  • Perimeter Speed - 30mm/s
  • Infill Speed - 60mm/s
  • Cooling Fan Speed - 100%


  • Perimeters - 2 or 0.8mm - 1mm
  • Top and Bottom Layers - 4 to 5 or 1mm
  • Infill - 15%


  • Distance - 0.8mm*
  • Speed - 35mm*
  • Z-Lift - 0.6mm


  • Bridge Flow - 85%
  • Bridge Speed - 30mm/s
  • Bridge Cooling - 100%


  • Bed Adhesion - Glue Stick
  • Nozzle Type - Brass (Standard)
  • Enclosure - None
* Values will differ for printers with Bowden extruders
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