Inland eLastic TPE/TPU flexible filament prints like regular TPU. The issues seen below are a cooling issue I just haven’t reprinted since I got my TPU settings dialed in. The settings at the bottom should be good for the material. I don’t have a color comparison at this time because I’m not sure it’s fair to compare a TPU to the color of PLA. This material would make a great print for a grip where you want some shock absorption and a better feel.

Inland from Microcenter is one of the least expensive filaments available. They have a wide selection of color and it prints fine most of the time. In general though, the Inland colors are less saturated, sometimes transparent, and can have inconsistent shade on large prints. Inland comes on a 1KG vacuum sealed roll with a plastic spool. Some specialty rolls are sold in half kilograms, such as color changing filament. If shopping locally watch out for opened rolls. Microcenter will often take returns of open rolls.—05kg-spool-(11-lbs)

Recommended Print Settings


  • Hot End – 230 Celsius
  • Bed – 50 Celsius


  • Print Speed – 50mm/s
  • First Layer Speed – 30mm/s
  • Perimeter Speed – 30mm/s
  • Infill Speed – 60mm/s
  • Cooling Fan Speed – 30-50%


  • Perimeters – 2 or 0.8mm – 1mm
  • Top and Bottom Layers – 4 to 5 or 1mm
  • Infill – 15%


  • Distance – 0.8mm*
  • Speed – 35mm*
  • Z-Lift – 0.6mm


  • Bridge Flow – 85%
  • Bridge Speed – 30mm/s
  • Bridge Cooling – 80%


  • Bed Adhesion – Glue Stick (Mandatory on PEI)
  • Nozzle Type – Brass (Standard)
  • Enclosure – None

* Values will differ for printers with Bowden extruders

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