About the filament color project…

Save your money now! Buying a particular color of filament is a mine field. Ordering a color based on its ‘marketing color’ is often misleading. Before you waste money on another misleading color, check here first.

I have over 200 colors of filament on this site and more are coming. Currently they are mostly PLA, however the colors produced by each brand are often the same as their other plastics.

Color is tricky. When considering this project I looked at color matching everything. However there are many complicated aspects to that and the end result is often decided by web compression and your computer monitor. Instead I have decided to use the same settings and lighting for all the photos. I also use the X-Rite color checker photo passport to calibrate the colors.  Additionally some of the trickier colors to display are going to be photographed with matching known colors. Hopefully this levels the playing field, and gives an unbiased look at these filaments.

Full disclosure, up to this point I’ve bought the majority of all these filaments myself. Many product links are set as affiliate links as a way to continue to provide future filaments. If you like the information shared on this site, please support it by using the affiliate links. If you don’t want to use the affiliate links, most filaments can be found by searching Amazon. Either way, thank you for visiting and I hope you save some money.

John aka GreyBeard